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Thursday, January 5, 2012


Doesn't it seem like thirty is the real birthday for crossing over to 'adulthood,' more so than eighteen...or is that just me?  Anyway, as part of my birthday present to my husband I promised a "minimal" mess in the kitchen, which let's be honest is 80% of the perk of ordering a cake--no mess! 

But since there wouldn't be any super-dazzlingly-decorated-awesomeness, that meant I had to rock the taste. My husband likes cake as much as the average person but isn't a cake-aholic and since he's tried a lot (probably too many) of mine, it's a big deal when he comments on a good cake. So the only cake I can remember him really really liking, besides mine, was Costco's chocolate cake (although I've got to say the cake itself is pretty dry).

It's really hard to surprise someone with a cake who lives at your house so my husband knew and got to give input on what he wanted.  He likes the Costco cake but the one thing in particular he wanted different was a little lighter icing. So the filling was nice and RICH and fudgy and the icing was a lighter although, still rich chocolate italian meringue buttercream. Chocolate comas were induced!

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